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Fun Countdown (FREE for the iPad)

See the number of days countdown on your iPad until your favorite holiday or custom recurring event.

Use multitouch gestures to resize/rotate/position an event. See an animated object that gets bigger as the day gets closer, listen to music (built-in or your own), change background pictures, set alerts, more.


  • See the number of days until the holidays of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter or add your own custom recurring events and holidays.
  • Use multitouch gestures for each event to change the size, position, and rotation. Up to 8 events can be displayed on the screen at once.
  • Select one of the built-in soundtracks (Includes Halloween/Christmas songs), or pick music from your own music library. The title and album art of the playing song are displayed.
  • Event properties include name, date, recurring status, note, enable notifications, background image, text color, and animated object.
  • Rearrange events as you prefer, select music, change the overall background picture and save the entire layout for later retrieval.
  • Several arrangement presents to organize the display of your events.
  • Customized options for text alerts so you can be notified when your event is coming up. Select the alert time and sound.
  • Send the days until an event to Facebook.
  • Recurring options include never, weekly, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, month, year, by the day of the month, or with a custom day interval.
  • Change each event’s animated object, freeze the animation, or hide the animated object. Tap to play a sound.
  • Send the days to an event to Facebook.
  • Display all events in a list sorted by date, name or enabled status.
  • Portrait/Landscape modes supported.

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Testimonials from the iTunes App store:

"This is a very enjoyable way to countdown your favorite holidays!" - Lisa Norwood

"I love the app it tells me when inportant dates are" - Majinvictor978

"This app is very nicely done and is what I have been searching for for a long time" - cujosmommax3

"This is a really awesome app! Nice animations, just what I wanted!" - N2

"What a fun way to keep a countdown until special days arrive!" - Old minky

"Love Love...I set the kid's birthdays, holidays, vacation all on countdown. " - mvrodi

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