Halloween Countdown updated for 2014 – adds Frankenstein and Witch

See the days countdown to our favorite holiday – Halloween!

Halloween Countdown, a free app, along with our paid ad-free version, Halloween Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications has been updated this year to include the animated characters of a Frankenstein and a Witch.

In addition, the volume controls are now using the overall system music volume.  As a result, you can now send the haunted background music to an Apple TV or other device via Airplay.

iphone_halloween_count1 iphone_halloween_count4 iphone_halloween_count3 iphone_halloween_count5



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Easy UP/down Timers now includes Timer Sets

Our app that has 25 timers, Easy Up/down Timers, now supports 10 timer sets.  Load and save different configured sets of timers for different purposes.  While only 25 timers are active at any given time, you can configure up to 250 timers and have them ready to go whenever you need them.

Have one set of timers for exercises, another set for work, another set for cooking. The possibilities are endless!

This update also includes iOS7 support.



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Holiday Countdown w/Recurring Calendar Events Updated

Holiday Countdown w/Recurring Calendar Events for the iPhone has been updated to include the ability to selectively show only the number of weekdays until an event.  In addition, full iOS7 support has been incorporated into the app.

Check out this handy calendar and task tool today!

Holiday Countdown in iTunes




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Halloween will be here in 3 months! Countdown the days to Halloween with a Zombie!

Halloween Countdown

FREE Halloween Countdown has been updated with a new Zombie as well as two additional haunting soundtracks.  iPhone 5 support has been added too.

Want to see the number of days until Halloween on the app’s icon?  Get Halloween Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications.


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Do you know how many days until Valentine’s Day?

iphone_valentines_count1With Valentine’s Countdown, you will never worry about forgetting Valentine’s Day.

This FREE iPhone app shows the days along with an animated heart that gets bigger the closer to the special day.  Music and customizations as well.

The PRO version includes push notifications to show you the number of days from your home screen without running the app each day.

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