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Frequently Asked Questions for Christmas Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications

  • I no longer hear the sounds when I tap on the 3 objects on the main screen. What can I do?

    The volume of the objects on the screen is controlled by your device's overall volume setting that is set prior to starting the app. If you have an iPhone, if the mute switch is on or the ringer volume is down before you start the program, you won't hear the sounds. If you have an iPod Touch, if the overall system volume is down (not the iPod music volume), you won't hear the sounds.

    Each device has different volume settings for ringer, headphones, iPod Music, etc. As a result, you may hear the music play, but not the objects on the screen as they are treated differently by the device.

  • At what time of day will the days until Christmas update on the App's badge?

    The count will update via Push Notifications in the early morning, generally between midnight and 4am your local time.

  • If I don't have an internet connection, will the badge count automatically update?

    No. An internet connection is required for Push Notifications to work so the count will not update during the period you have no internet access.

  • What happens if I move my location to a different time zone?

    In order for Push Notifications to be aware that you are in a different timezone (and adjust the count update time accordingly), you must run the application at least one time when you travel to a new timezone or if daylight saving time changes.

  • What happens if I set the time on my device incorrectly?

    When running the app, it will use the time you have set. However, Push Notifications will ignore your device's time, but does require your device to be set to the correct timezone in order to deliver the count updates at the right time.

  • When I first ran the program the popup message that requests push notifications be allowed appeared and I accidentally selected that I don't want to receive push notifications. How can I correct this?

    Because of how Apple designed the system, the only way to get this popup to be displayed again is to restore your device from a backup and reinstall the program. Just removing and reinstalling the program will not work. You can contact Apple for further information on this issue.

  • Do push notifications work differently on an iPod Touch compared to an iPhone?

    Yes. When on WiFi only (which all iPod Touches are) and if you are not tethered and the device's screen is off, it will only check for push notifications every 30 minutes to save power. When an iPhone is on a cellular connection, it gets the push notifications as they arrive. As a result, if a push notification message came in while the iPod Touch was sleeping, when you first wake it up it may not display the correct count until a few seconds have passed and it retrieves the new push notification message. This is how Apple designed the system.

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