Easy Timers

Frequently Asked Questions for Easy UP/down Timers

  • Is the iPhone X supported?


  • I upgraded my device to and now I have no alarm sounds when not actively running the app.

    To correct this problem, go into your device's settings, notifications, and make sure the app is enabled for notification center. Make sure all the notification options are enabled.

  • I am unable to hear any sounds. What should I do?

    The iPhone has multiple volume settings for different aspects of the device and it is possible that one is set to a low level. Please check the following items:

    1) The alarm sounds are based on the volume of your iPod music volume. Make sure when you play music in the iPod portion you can hear it.

    2) In the app, make sure the selected alarm type is not set to 'silent' in the individual timer's options.

    3) In the individual timer's options, when you press "preview selected sound", if you cannot hear anything, try using the volume up switch on the left side of your iphone during the preview period (The button should change to "stop selected sound" during this period.)

    4) The iPhone's mute switch must not be enabled, and the overall iPhone ringer volume must not be set all the way down.

    5) The app also has an alarm volume slider in the settings tab of the app. Make sure it is not all the way down.

    6) If none of the above work, try deleting the program directly from your iPhone, and then reinstalling directly on your iPhone. However, you will lose any timer configurations you have already setup.

  • If I set a timer to link to another, what happens if the linked timer is already counting when the first timer goes off?

    The timer that is already counting will be unchanged. A linked timer will only start if it was previously stopped.

  • Can I loop a timer with a pause in the middle?

    Yes. You can loop a timer by linking to itself. Add a pause by linking to a second timer instead for a pause count, and then link that timer back to the original timer. You can link multiple timers, synchronize a group of timers to start together, and connect them in many different ways for a wide variety of tasks.

  • Does the app support background notifications?

    Yes. You can have popup text alerts, audio only alerts or text alerts with audio. You can be in another app or the device can be asleep and all timers will still alert you as expected. Device restrictions prevent custom recorded sounds from being played when the app is in the background - only one of the 25 built-in sounds can be used in this mode.

  • What happens when counting down if multiple timers go off at the same time and they are set to produce a sound?

    You will hear the combination of all the sounds from each timer at once if the app is active. If the app is in the background and background alerts are produced at the same time, device restrictions only allow for one sound to be played at a time.

  • What is the maximum 'up' time?

    The maximum 'up' time displayed is close to 555,555 hours which is about 63 years! As more 'hours digits' are needed on the display, the digits will appear smaller in size so they can all fit in the same display space. All 'up' timers start from zero, and can be paused, restarted, or cleared.

  • What is the maximum countdown time?

    The maximum countdown time is 999:99:99 (999 hours, 99 minutes, and 99 seconds). That is about 41 days. If you desire more of an event countdown rather than a timer, try our other app Holiday Countdown w/Custom Recurring Events instead.

  • I want an alarm to sound every 2 seconds for 5 times, can this be done?

    Normally you would use the linking feature to link one timer to another in sequence and do this 5 times. However, for all countdown timers there is a restriction that when counting down and linking to another timer, there must be at least a 5 second separation between the times or else the linked timer will not be triggered.

  • What is the resolution of the timer?

    The resolution is 1 second.

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