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Frequently Asked Questions for Gratitude Rock Journal

    Can you write more than a few lines of text? More like a full page of a journal?

    Yes. In the regular mode of entering text on top of the image of the ocean, you can enter as many sentences as you like within each entry with the only restriction that you cannot enter a blank separating line (Just add a new entry where a separating line is desired). Or, in options enable "Allow Return Key" which supports blank lines for text entry.

  • Can I type in landscape mode?


  • I set a passcode and forgot it. What can I do?

    The only option is to delete the app and then reinstall it. The passcode will not be set. However, you will lose all your personal data.

    If you previously did a Gratitude Rock backup to your computer, you can restore the information from your computer afterwards using the Gratitude Rock "Restore" option.

  • I no longer see my pictures or the daily quote. What happened?

    You can raise or lower the 3 pictures/quote by tapping the up/down arrow button on the right side of the text entry screen.

  • What is the purpose of wireless backup/restore? Can I view my text and pictures on my computer?

    Wireless backup and restore is designed to provide peace of mind knowing that you can preserve all your text, pictures and quotes at various times and be able to restore the information into your device or a different device at any time.

    If you would like to view the contents of your journal as a web page, select one of the export options instead to transfer a zip file wirelessly to your computer.

  • Is iPhone X display support available?

    Yes. The app supports all iPhone screen sizes.

I have a question, comment, or suggestion for Gratitude Rock - How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us at