Halloween Countdown

Frequently Asked Questions for Halloween Countdown

What are the newest features for 2015 in version 3.0?

  • New tabbed design and updated graphics
  • New animated pirate
  • Supports the iPhone 6 / 6+ and iOS8
  • Now includes 3 background pictures
  • Your custom background image is saved for future selection
  • New haunted sonundtrack
  • New animations
  • See the next 4 years of holiday dates and day of the week
  • Updated Facebook interaction

I have issues with the sound volume. How can I hear the sounds better?

Due to Apple's design, some sounds use the device's ringer volume and other use the music volume. Make sure your ringer volume is up before starting the app, and then raise the volume within the app either with the app's volume slider or the physical buttons on your device. Make sure the mute switch is not on.

Is there an Apple Watch app for Halloween Countdown?

In the latest version of our paid app, Halloween Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications, we include an Apple Watch app that shows the days until Halloween as well as a graphical indicator

I have a question, comment, or suggestion for Halloween Countdown - How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us at Support@EnergizeSoftware.com