Halloween Experience

Frequently Asked Questions for Halloween Experience

  • How do I change the size or rotate a pumpkin piece?

    Tap a pumpkin piece to select it. It will flash. Use the standard iPhone pinch and rotate gestures to change the size and orientation of the selected piece. When done, just tap the piece again to deselect it and it will no longer be flashing. Now all the objects can be moved to new locations.

  • How does tilting to play a sound work?

    With the pumpkin screen displayed and looking at your iPhone or iPod Touch from above resting on a table, no tilting sounds will be produced. When you tilt the iPhone in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal angles from its resting position a short scary sound will be produced. Up to eight sounds are played in this way (left side tilted, upper left corner, top, top right corner, right, lower right corner, bottom, and lower left corners). Multiple sounds can be played at the same time if your rotate the iphone in all different directions. These sounds are only produced on the pumpkin screen, and only if it is enabled in the program settings.

  • How do I start over and erase all the pumpkin pieces at once?

    Just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch once to restore all the pumpkin pieces to their original positions. A unique scary sound will also be produced. If you made a mistake, just shake again before moving any other piece and they will be restored to their previous positions. Make sure the "Shake to Erase" feature is enabled in the program settings.

  • How do I get access to the Hangman, haunted Tower of Hanoi game, or the scheduled background sounds?

    From the initial pumpkin screen, just tap the big right arrow in the lower left corner. You then will be transported to the Hangman game. From there, tap the big arrow again to get to the Tower of Hanoi game. Tap one more time to reach the scheduled background sounds. Tap the left arrows to go back.

I have a question, comment, or suggestion for Halloween Experience - How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us at Support@EnergizeSoftware.com