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Easy UP/down Timers LITE (FREE)

Enjoy the flexibility of having three simultaneous counters and timers (25 in the FULL version) with both a view of multiple timers and a single view of any one timer complete with tilt and shake control, timer linking, timer synchronization, and customized pictures and text.

Previously featured by Apple in the App Store's New & Noteworthy Productivity section.


  • These easy to use and highly configurable timers can count up or down (with audible alarms and visual alerts) and are great for use in the kitchen to keep track of individual food items cooking, when doing your exercise or gym routine, giving a business presentation or speech (including BNI presentations), logging time spent on projects for a client, washing/drying, playing a game, taking prescription medicine, recording driving time in your car, sports, hobbies, and much more. Private pilots use it for fuel and flight time in their airplane. Hockey players use it for game and penalty times. The timers are used for boat and car races. The possibilities are endless because of the program's many options and flexibility.
  • Each of the 3 timers (25 in the full version) can count up or down and contains status indicators (up, down, active, alert, linked), a customized title, and a custom picture to identify each timer from your photo album or the iPhone’s camera. Always see a running count of the number of active up and down timers. Timers that count up can start from any entered value.
  • Local notification popup alerts even when the app is not active. Options to disable audible alerts and/or visual text alerts.
  • Tilt and shake your device to be able to Start/Stop/Reset and increment/decrement time in the single timer view or display all the timers at once instead.
  • For countdown timers, choose from 25 alert sounds when time reaches zero or use your device’s microphone to record a custom alarm sound (The device does not support custom sounds in popup alerts). See the individual timer’s display flash in one of four colors and optionally add the ability for the entire screen to flash (silent alarm) or vibration on the iPhone. Each individual UP/down timer is independently configurable.
  • Link one timer to another so that after it counts down to zero, it triggers another timer to either start counting up or also counting down. You can chain them together. For example, when cooking you could have a timer count down to alert you to turn over meat on a grill and then automatically alert you again later when it should be time to remove it, all with one button press (or shake) to start.
  • Set up synchronized timers so that when you start/stop a “leader” timer, all “follower” timers will start/stop together. Enable/Disable a synchronized timer at any time or set a timer to be disabled after it is triggered so that it only goes off once.
  • Email the current value and status of each timer.
  • Each timer has Start/Stop and Reset/Clear buttons for easy control that are context sensitive. Use a numeric keypad to enter the countdown time. Always see a count as to how many timers are running.
  • Choose from one of ten different background image themes for your timers (brushed metal, wood, tile, blue texture, red texture, pink stripes, black metal, halloween, christmas, and wet).
  • Program settings include the ability to Stop/Reset/Clear all timers, start all ‘up’ timers, key clicks on/off, alarm volume, enable tilt control, tilt sensitivity, shake sensitivity, replacing one timer with a clock, auto stop up timers (exclusive mode), show timer as decimal hours (normally hours : minutes : seconds), preventing the device from ever sleeping, preventing sleep only when actively counting down, popup background text alerts or audible alerts, and help documentation.
  • iOS7 and larger screen support.
  • FREE, ad-supported app.
  • To have 25 simultaneous Timers, timer sets, and no ads, check out the full version: Easy UP/down Timers w/Tilt and Shake Control

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Testimonials from the iTunes App store:

"Great timer!...Works exactly as advertised!" - sscarlott

"Very cool simple to use." - UscholdM

"Super. Simple. Love it." - tbjjlb

"Simple, yet versatile, I use this app almost every day. Thank you." - Anon2

"Top app for split timing activities. I use it great for hgv driving to show my driving time, breaks, working hours etc." - AbuKhadijah

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