The Web Design and Development Process

(1) Evaluate your needs

In this initial phase, we will discuss the business goals of your Web site and any ideas you may have as to how you would like the site to appear visually and the functional requirements. Some of the discussions may include:

  • Is this a site only for a web presence or to sell a product or service?
  • Will a database be involved for a user discussion forum or storing specialized content?
  • Is this an interactive site where users select various items and then are presented with a dynamic display of information?
  • Is there an existing Web site that has a similar look and feel that you desire for your own site?
  • What materials will you be providing (pictures, logos, text, etc)?

Some clients already have specific ideas in mind, while others prefer a more "hands-off" approach and leave the details up to our creative talents. The choice is yours.

(2) Create a requirements and design concept document

After our discussions, we will write a requirements document with our interpretation of the general look and feel of the site as well as the functional areas and the pages required to be developed.

This includes the overall presentation and organization of the site (colors, style, shapes, etc), how users navigate the custom web pages (buttons, menus, navigational bars, etc), and major functional areas of the site (shopping cart, chat forums, calendar scheduling, pictures, audio, video, various user forms, etc).

We review this document with you and incorporate any changes you desire. This document includes an estimate of cost as well as a schedule for delivery.

(3) Begin software development efforts

Once you have agreed to the requirements and our contract, we receive an initial deposit from you equal to half of the project cost, and begin our development efforts. We collect any materials from you that were previously discussed, such as pictures, logos, text, etc.

Throughout this process, you will be kept informed as to our progress and be able to see visual representations of the site at periodic intervals.

(4) Testing

Throughout the development process testing is performed repeatedly. In addition, the website is checked in all the top browsers for compatibility. This is called unit testing. When the site is complete, there is an overall systems test to verify full operation of the completed site.

(5) Development complete

Once the Web site has been completed, it will be available for you to review before the site goes live. If there are any errors or omissions that you identify based on the requirements, they will be corrected. Once you agree that all is well, we will make the site live, at which time we will collect the final payment.

If changes are required that are outside the scope of the initial requirements document, those changes will be treated as a separate task.

(6) Live Web site

Because we believe in the quality of our work, if software errors are found that are caused by the code we created (as opposed to changes in the browser or web host), we will promptly fix them free of charge for a period of 1 year.

Additional maintenance packages are available to provide you with Web site support after your Web site is live on the internet, and to make smaller modifications or enhancements as needed. This is usually based on a hourly fee.

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