Web Site Design Testimonials

Curbside.tv - Automotive information, events, and discussions

"I've had the privilege of working with Greg Morris on several projects but, most notably, the complete restructuring of my web site - Curbside.tv. Greg is always punctual, accurate and can answer questions with authority while creating a thoroughly exceptional result. He is able to take my ideas and turn them into successful products. He also draws upon his own experience to make things exceptional for the visitors of Curbside.

Greg worked with me to revamp the site to its present state, creating innovative new experiences for site visitors within a very stable structure. Honestly, I cannot say enough about the positive experience of working with Greg Morris. He is definitely someone who can turn your headaches into dreams come true."

Anthony Barthel, Owner,
Clear Lake, CA

GetBenefitsInsurance.com - Insurance services

"Greg is very responsive and very thorough. When he worked on my website, he not only delivered what he promised in a timely manner, but he exceeded my expectations with the detail he put into making my site perfect. I highly recommend him."

Tim Kanter, Owner,
Get Benefits Insurance Services,
Newbury Park, CA

Stelhousecleaning.com - Housecleaning services

"I can't thank Energize Software enough for taking the time to discuss and develop a Web site for me. A Web site is exactly what my business needed providing a more professional image for my business, Stel Housecleaning, resulting in an increase in the number of new clients.

Communication with Greg was very easy and he responded very promptly to my questions. He always was able to understand my ideas and turn them into reality. I really appreciate that Greg took the challenge in creating my Web site for the world to see. He is highly recommended."

Estela Flores, Owner,
Stel Housecleaning,
Ventura, CA

LuxuryHomeCleaning.com - Cleaning and Party services

"I'm amazed on how wonderful your work is on my web site, it was everything I wanted and more; I truly admire all that you can do. Thank you"

Aurora Flores, Owner,
Santa Barbara, CA

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