Easy UP/down Timers updated adding iPhone 5 support

Easy Up/down Timers now will display 5 timers at once on the new iPhone 5 compared to previously displaying 4 timers.

Additional sounds and a new feature to display the sum of all the ‘up timers’ has also been added.


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Christmas Experience iPhone app updated with more music



Christmas Experience, with multiple holiday activities such as building a snowman, Christmas hangman, a puzzle, and scheduled holiday sounds, now has 2 additional holiday musical soundtracks.



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Christmas is just around the corner – Christmas Countdown w/Music updated for the iPhone

The holidays will be here before you know it!  Keep track of the days until Christmas on your iPhone.

Santa counts down the days

Animated holiday objects in Christmas Countdown w/Music for the iPhone









Christmas Countdown w/Music  (FREE) has been updated to add a new animated object (Snowman), a new musical holiday song, a new way to pick the animated objects, and now you can see falling snow!

For those Christmas fans who would like to see the app’s icon badge automatically updated with the days until Christmas via push notifications, check out Christmas Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications.  Also includes the display of hours/minutes/seconds and no ads.


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More updates for Halloween Fans!

Halloween Experience, our first app in the app store (back when there were only 4,000 apps total!), has been updated to add additional haunting music. Now there are 3 songs to choose from.

Carve a pumpkin, play spooky hangman, solve a puzzle, schedule scary sounds to play in the background at any time, and tilt the device in different directions to produce different scary sounds.

Halloween fans will enjoy Halloween Experience


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Another Halloween Countdown update this month!

Halloween Countdown and Halloween Countdown Pro have both been updated to add a 4th animated object: Cat’s eyes.

Download our FREE app now, or if you would like the app’s icon badge to show the number of days until Halloween via Push Notifications and want no ads, download the PRO version today.

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