Easy UP/down Timers makes it easy to cook holiday meals

CookingFor holiday cooking and other special events where cooking multiple items at the right time is important, the Easy UP/down Timers app for the iPhone makes the task much easier.

With 25 timers that can be linked together, you can have it alert you when it is time to check on a food’s progress, and have it automatically reset itself and count again, or to start a new timer counting down.  The possibilities of these programmable timers are endless.  No need to keep the app running either as you will see background popup alerts when an alarm sounds.

One of our many positive reviews in the U.S. app store states “I use this almost every day it is the best timer app I have found! No more walking back to the kitchen every few minutes to see how much longer dinner has I can set all the times and finish what I’m doing around the house without worry. The holidays are a no brainer now I can put in the times for every dish and spend time with the family not in the kitchen you won’t be disappointed I promise.

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