How many days until Easter?

Easter is around the corner.  The best way to be prepared is to keep track of the number of days until the holiday.

With Easter Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications you can always see a badge count on the app’s icon with the number of days remaining.  Makes it very easy to see at a glance the days until Easter on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  It also recalculates the date for Easter each year.

Also includes animation and music within the app.

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Energize Software combines with Energize My PC to add Website Design

Energize SoftwareEnergize Software now supports both iPhone/iPad development as well as Website Design and Development by combing the former services of Energize My PC.

Our Website has been updated to reflect the merger.  All the iPhone/iPad apps remain the same as well as our mobile app support services.

Website developmentWe have enhanced the services we can provide to our users by being able to not only develop mobile app software, but also provide website design, development,  and custom programming.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your software development needs.

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Get ready for Thanksgiving cooking with Easy UP/down Timers for the iPhone

On Thanksgiving day in the kitchen, things can get pretty crazy.  Make your food come out just right with the assistance of 25 timers to make sure that Turkey and side dishes are cooked to perfection.

Easy UP/down timers can turn your iPhone into a fantastic set of 25 timers that will alert you when it is time to take food out of the oven or to make an adjustment during the cooking process.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Halloween fun on the iPhone and iPad

Halloween is almost here!  If you enjoy spooky music and want to see how many days until Halloween year after year. check out the FREE app Halloween Countdown or the paid app with push notifications Halloween Countdown Pro.

For multiple fun Halloween games, check out Halloween Experience.  You can carve a pumpkin, play haunted hangman, solve a puzzle, and have scary sounds play when pressing a button or schedule them to play at any time to scare your friends!

For iPad users, FREE Fun Countdown not only contains Spooky music and a countdown for Halloween, but you can also add your own holidays and custom recurring events.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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Halloween Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications for the iPhone updated with Facebook integration

Easily update your Facebook status with the days to Halloween with this new version of Halloween Countdown Pro for the iPhone.

See the app’s badge count reflect the number of days until Halloween via Push Notifications, listen to the built-in haunting soundtracks, or add your own music and background image.

See the skull get larger the closer it gets to Halloween.

Halloween Countdown Pro

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