Holiday Countdown on the U.S. Lifestyle Top 200 list again



With the holiday season approaching, keep track of your favorite holidays including Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and your own events on the iPhone.

Holiday Countdown w/Custom Recurring Events is once again on the TOP 200 lifestyle list in the U.S.  because of the popularity of this iPhone app.

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Fun Countdown – FREE iPad App Released

Fun Countdown for the iPad has been released.

See the number of days countdown until your favorite holiday or add your own custom recurring events.

Use multitouch gestures to resize/rotate/position an event.

See an animated object that gets bigger as the day gets closer.

Listen to music (built-in or your own), change background pictures, set alerts, more.


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Easy UP/down Timers updated with reordering of timers

Reorder TimersNew in version 2.1 of Easy UP/down Timers is the ability to reorder any of the 25 timers by dragging a timer up or down.

Just select the “reorder” button located in each timer’s options, drag the timers to the positions you desire, and tap “done.”

This update also includes the ability to disable the “reset” and “clear” buttons in settings to avoid accidentally erasing values that have been accumulating over time.

Both these features were requested by users.  Have a suggestion for an enhancement?  Please let us know.

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Easy UP/down Timers makes it easy to cook holiday meals

CookingFor holiday cooking and other special events where cooking multiple items at the right time is important, the Easy UP/down Timers app for the iPhone makes the task much easier.

With 25 timers that can be linked together, you can have it alert you when it is time to check on a food’s progress, and have it automatically reset itself and count again, or to start a new timer counting down.  The possibilities of these programmable timers are endless.  No need to keep the app running either as you will see background popup alerts when an alarm sounds.

One of our many positive reviews in the U.S. app store states “I use this almost every day it is the best timer app I have found! No more walking back to the kitchen every few minutes to see how much longer dinner has I can set all the times and finish what I’m doing around the house without worry. The holidays are a no brainer now I can put in the times for every dish and spend time with the family not in the kitchen you won’t be disappointed I promise.

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Gratitude Rock for the iPhone has relaxing ocean sounds from Catalina Island


What better way to enter your thoughts and feelings into an iPhone Gratitude Journal than by listening to relaxing ocean sounds to get you into the mood.


Our iPhone app Gratitude Rock – Journal / Diary of Positive Thoughts has built-in ocean sounds recorded live from Catalina Island in Southern California.

You will hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore combined with the sounds of the many small rocks on the island’s beaches hitting each other as the waves come to the shore.

Catalina Island is a great place to visit, with many outdoor activities that allow you to escape from big city life which is only about 25 miles away.

Carry the sounds of the waves from Catalina Island in your pocket by getting the Gratitude Rock app for your iPhone.

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